Is just an innocous children's website or is there a sinister agenda behind the cyberspace curtain?
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The Lizard of Ozzzz A New American Allegory by Mary Lauren Karlton
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Privacy rights on the Internet. Mind control. Protecting children online.

In her spirited debut novel, The Lizard of Ozzzz, An American Allegory, author Mary Lauren Karlton addresses all of these topics and more in her satiric tale of intrigue and deception in the world’s technology epicenter, Silicon Valley.

As protagonist Caitlin Leary, fresh out of MIT, embarks on her career at, she becomes embroiled in a plot that threatens the digital privacy of the popular website’s young devotees. Be prepared to be swept into the play of colliding egos, rampant greed, and unabashed power politics during the heyday of the dotcom boom. Underlying the cutting satire is an examination of timely issues around our children’s vulnerability to electronic surveillance, cybercrime, and manipulation of the Internet. This novel is sure to give you pause next time you or your children step into the perilous waters of the Internet.

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